Your own project support office

Are you implementing a new computer system nationwide, moving or reorganizing? There are plenty of examples of small- and large-scaled projects that require special guidance.

  • Is there an action plan? Which version is the most up-to-date?
  • How does our correspondence appear?
  • How do we archive our project information?
  • Who is involved in the projects? Have the budgets been met?
  • What has been delivered and what needs to be delivered when?

These are all questions that a Project Manager is faced with.

Setting-up a project office directly at the beginning of the project ensures its execution and that it remains under control. Experience has proven that this type of support, however, is usually implemented at a later stage or does not get off the ground. This often results in loss of valuable time and money.

Project Support Office B.V. stands out by having specialized itself in this distinctive branch and provides human resources to support the projects within your organization.

This service includes support in the following areas:
• administration;
• secretarial;
• planning and organization;
• procedures and quality;
• marketing and communication.

We also provide:
• customized project management trainings;
• customized internet and intranet trainings;
• coaching and guidance of project staff;
• search and selection of new project staff.

We provide support with the lay-out of your own project support office.
If required, we can train your staff to then carry over the project support office to you as soon as possible.

Our added value resides in the efficient and effective execution of your project.

Success and lower costs are more likely with the creation of the project support office in a simple yet structured manner at the beginning phase of your project.

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Project Support Office B.V.
Hamersveldseweg 22b
3833 GP  Leusden
The Netherlands
TEL : 00 31 33 46 25 010


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Project Support Office B.V.
Hamersveldseweg 84a
3833 GT Leusden

T. 033 - 46 25 010